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Chad Lougee

Event Supervisor

photo of  Chad Lougee

Phone: (603) 624-4096 ext 318
Email: [email protected]

What do you bring to the “table”? As the youngest member of our management staff, I bring a fresh and relatable perspective to my position. Having recently been a server allows me to better understand the ins and outs and ups and downs of the positions that Iím responsible for supervising. I find it easy to level with my staff because the tribulations of the server position are still fresh in my memory. I was so excited to have the opportunity to become the kind of manager I always wanted when I was a server, so that motivation is what I bring to the table, every single shift.

Where are you from? Iím a Manchester native and proud of it. Born here, raised here, and happily starting my career here.

Favorite MCC Hole to play? I really love hole 3 because itís a challenging par 3 which means a good tee shot is super rewarding. Longer par 3ís are my preference because my pitching wedge play isÖnot up to MCC standards Iíll leave it there.…

What’s for lunch? Anything and everything. Chef laughs at my eating habits but itís not my fault. Iíll stop eating when they stop putting out delicious food.

Fun weekend activity? My job is a weekend gig for the most part but when I find time off I like to spend it with friends staying active. I love playing tennis, MMA class, seeing new golf courses, skiing in the winter, and getting out on the lake in the summer.